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December 13 2019

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Two parrots sitting in some jungle trees in Minecraft.
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More beautiful scenery from Across the Time - a fun adventure map that you can play in Minecraft.
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This is a scene from Across the Time, an elaborate adventure/RPG map with between 20 and 30 hours of gameplay. You can play with distinct character classes and it has dozens of quests. It's a great map for Minecraft.

These are the full notes for the map from the README file that comes with the game. Sorry if they are not very readable but that's what happened when I did some cut and paste here. Sorry, lolz!

- Solo or Coop PVE/RPG game  (Max 3 players)
- Between 20h & 30h of plays
- 8 clearly distinct classes (ex : druid, ninja, tank, sorcerer, alchemist...)
- 20 magic spell (available trough books) consume Dahäl
- Main Quest with many Donjons containing Elites Mobs and unique Boss - Thousands of Monsters to fight
- 12 secondary Quest
- More than 70 Heroic deeds.
- A lot of normal, magical and legendary items & set to collect.
- A dozen of sacred article to buy
- 2 gamemode : Softcore & Nightmare with 3 difficulty level (easy, normal, difficult)
- Many events of all kinds (Jump, Puzzle, Enigma)
- Several NPC Town & Village
- Varied and original Landscape, Biomes
- a Fantastic script & a highly developed Lore writing by Thundesrtruck
- All Musics writing by Piccomaster and placed in the resourcepack
- Monster & Boss Farming available thanks to mobspawners
- Hundreds of hidden chests and many loots to find
- Basic Currency (Chronotons) and legendary currency « Sovereign shell of Chaos »
- Potion, food, weapon, armor and sacred shops
- Upgrade effect (aptitude) to unblock (Strengh, Haste, Resistance, Regeneration) with de l'XP
- Recycling available in exchange for Chronotons (BlackMarket)
- A bank to convert XP to Chronotons, Chronotons to XP, and exchange Chronotons between players.

December 09 2019

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An underwater treasure chest in Minecraft.
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Where the jungle meets the ocean in Minecraft.
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A pile of pumpkins in Minecraft

December 08 2019

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A chicken standing on top of a pile of pumpkins in Minecraft.
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The twin spires of a church rise above a Minecraft town while the sun sets in the West, creating an orange-red sky.
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A stylish desert adobe in Minecraft. You'll find these in desert villages.
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That's a lot of zombies trying to bust down my door.
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A gathering of Minecraft villagers in a remote desert village.
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A villager child waits patiently inside his Desert Village Hut
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A horse and a wolf. BFFs in Minecraft.
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Pumpkins on a hill in Minecraft.
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A sheep grazing all alone in the grass.
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